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Virtual Manager Vs Virtual Assistant

Virtual Managers distinguish themselves from Virtual Assistants by offering a broader spectrum of backend services, utilizing optimal resources to cater to diverse needs. Clients benefit from a collective pool of expertise rather than relying on the skill set of an individual assistant. This model ensures access to a comprehensive array of skills, enhancing service quality and efficiency for customers.

Are you 
a Soloprenuer or small business  then this is for you 

We understand the pain of a small business and solo entrepreneur . When you cannot hire a full resource for your business when the task is too small . And there are many tasks like these which need  focussed approach but not full time resource. Virtual Manager then comes handy. Same focus a full time resource but at fraction of cost and diverse set of services .

Services Offered

What You Will Get

Web Development

Want to update or revamp your website to make it e-commerce ready or make it automated ? VM can handle all.


Offload your accounting worries to VM and focus on running your business.

Research & Data

Data is king and Virtual Manager team is equipped with latest data mining tools to give to latest & verified data.

Sales Outsourcing

Sales is the bloodline of any business. If you are looking to get short term or long term sales target achieved then VM is equipped to get it done.

Social Media Management

Social media is key for any business. And need long term focus. VM get is done with ease.

Outbound Calling

If your business need temporary or regular customer calling then get it done cost effectively with VM


SEO is organic way of attracting traffic. Keep your website relevant in the eyes of search engines

Content Management

Use content to make your presence felt across social media & website.

Business Plan

Looking to work on your idea and need business plan, presentation or pitch then VM is the go to guy.

& Many More


Best Practices from 4+ Years of Rapid Growth

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9+ Years Of Experiences

20+ Organized

Michel Smith​


Here's what past
customers are saying

“I’ve subscribed to Virtual Manager for about sometime. My business growth has never been better.”

John Smith

“I am more focussed on what is my core business now without bothering about things which i can not handle . I leave that to my virtual manager.”

Adward Jessy

“My ROI has improved as manpower costings has reduced and productivity has improved.”

Steven Wigner

Email Marketing

Virtual Managers managing the email campaigns by crafting the compelling content to segmented lists for targeted outreach

SEO & Web Management

Virtual Manager’s team is skilled in conducting thorough keywords research, developing SEO friendly content and implementing SEO tactics.

Social Media Managment

Social media management is a critical aspect of modern business strategy.By delegating these time-consuming activities , businesses can focus on their core operations while maintaining an active and strategic presence on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Web +
Growth +
Website Management
Onpage SEO
Off Page SEO
Social Media Management
Linekdin Outreach
Email Marketing

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